Composition is the building block of art. Elements of art are components or work of arts. They can be isolated or defined. A line is an identifiable path created by a point moving in space. It is one dimensional and can vary in width, direction, and length. They define the edges of form. They also lead your eye around the composition and communicate information through character and direction. There are many lines and composition in art. The compositions are symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical is mirrored and asymmetrical is not. The lines are horizontal, vertical, horizontal and vertical combined, diagonal, structural, outlines, contour, gesture, and sketch. Horizontal is left to right while vertical is up and down. Diagonal lines slant on either side. Calligraphy is known as beautiful writing.
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This is symmetrical composition because a line bisecting the image created two equal halves that mirror each other.
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This is asymmetrical because it shows movement and unbalanced elements.
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This is a horizontal line because it continues left and right.

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This is a vertical line because it continues up and down.
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This are horizontal and vertical lines combined because they touch eatch other and make a right angle.
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These are diagonal lines because they move and are unstable. They will fall or their in motion. Pulls viewer and indicated depth.
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This is a curved line because it moves side to side.
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These lines are repeated because they keep going and are the same every time.
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This is structural because the lines are held together.
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This is an outline because it is the outer edge of the silhouette.
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These are contour lines because the shape is described with interior details.
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These are gesture lines because they show movement of direction and fluidity.
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These are sketch lines because the picture has more detail and has a good end product.
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This is calligraphy because the writing is beautiful. It has elegant handwriting or lettering of the words