The mythical beast that I chose was Pegasus. I took three animal pictures. They were of a white bird, a white horse, and a white dog. I put the wings of the bird on the horse. I put the tail of the dog over the horse's tail. I put the horse in the middle as if it were flying. I picked the background of clouds in the sky over mountains surrounding the lake. I took this picture in Canada. Pegasus is a winged horse. He is the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea and Medusa, gorgona. He is seen as poetic inspiration . This is because he flew. It is also because he is a friend of the muses. Muses are people who give inspiration to those in need. After the birth, The magician was struck with a kick by Pegasus after his birth. Bellefonte tried to capture Pegasus. Pegasus worked to help many people. He killed Bellefonte. The gods resented him after that. Pegasus left Olympus very heartbroken. Zeus let him stay in the stables. He told Pegasus to bring him the thunderclap and ray as a symbol of his power. Pegasus went to Mt. Helicon as well. He has a brother named Chrysaor. Pegasus eventually met his mate, Euippe. They had two kids named, Celeris and Melanippe. Eventually, Pegasus went on by helping Hercules. They went on many battles together. Pegasus could not live forever. Nobody wanted him to die. Zeus turned him into a constellation that can still be seen today. It is said, that at that moment, a single feather falls in the city of Tarus. Pegasus was known as the Horse of Muses. A statue of him was put on the Poznan Opera House. Pegasus could fly through anywhere and spread inspiration everywhere. He is a symbol of many things in different time periods in everyone's view.