external image 070714_mcdonalds.jpg
I took a picture of the McDonalds logo. Yellow is the strong and bold color. The composition is simple because the main object is the sign.
external image much-love.jpg
I took a picture of a vase with objects inside. It is by a window. This is subtle and pastel. It is almost monochrome and it looks dull.
external image SDC11172-1.JPG
I took a picture of an apple. This picture has a neutral background. The main subject is the apple. There is nothing detracting attention.
external image providenceoffice.jpg
I took a picture of my brother's office. The white color dominates in the picture. It is the main subject.
external image 7183a_New-Fruit-basket-with-no-pineapple.jpg
I took a picture of a fruit basket. There are many colors so there is balance. There is a wide diversity.
external image daylight+savings.jpg
I took a picture of daylight. Light is cast by the sunset. Light is the color in the picture.
external image Water_by_RosalineStock.jpg
I took a picture of a pool. The emotion that is given is cool and soft. The water is peaceful because it is soothing.

These are all the uses of colors in photography. They all represent something unique. They create a new understanding. This is why color is very important in photography.