external image IMG_9236.jpg
This is a picture of a golf club hitting a golf ball. This is a high speed photo. I took this photo at my friend's house. She still has her equipment from when she just recently did golf. It looked wierd when I was far away. I fixed that by zooming in.
external image 96.jpg
This is a picture of water drops going on a spoon. I had my mom hold the spoon. This allowed me the let the water run. I did it quick enough to take the picture then turn the water off.

external image 2110324860_9f30489ba6.jpg
This picture taken was of dominoes falling. I asked my brother to blow the dominoes down for a slower effect. This makes it easier to take the picture. It was funny because it took a couple tries to get the dominoes to go down.

external image fruitreg.jpg

This is a prolonged photo. This picture just contains fruits. I took this picture on a plate on a counter at my house. It is prolonged because it is still. Yet, the fruits are currently rotting.
external image Flower.jpg

This is a picture of a flower. This is prolonged because the flower is growing and so it is moving. The time lapse is shown through the movement of being frozen.

external image parking-4.jpg
I took a picture of a parking lot. I took this from a higher elevation. I was on the second level. I tried not to fall, not to drop the new camera, and take the picture. It was pretty cool to get a look at the many things to do in L.A. I got to do a lot of things so it was fun.