There are two types of shutter speed. They are high speed and prolonged speed. There will be five examples of each speed.
external image bullet-shot.jpg
This photo shows crayons getting broken by a bullet at super speed.
external image freeze-time-with-high-speed-photography_2.jpg
This photo shows smeone throwing a drink at someone's face. The drink is moving fast.
external image e78eabe791b0.jpg
This photo shows a flower blowing up quickly.
external image dep_4124656-High-Speed-Photography.jpg
This photo shows a coin falling in water and moving fast.
external image highspeed1.jpg?w=600&h=538
This shows a glass breaking.
These 5 photos are high speed because the pictures are taken fast.
external image time-lapse_timothy-allen.jpg?w=510&h=340
This is prolonged speed because it is frozen.
external image NYC.jpg
This is a time lapse video because the frame rate is low.
external image high-speed-photography-4.jpg
This is prolonged speed because the car lights paused.

external image R1040076-Time-lapse_photo_of_sunset_with_amateur_astronomer-SPL.jpg
This is a sunset in a slow speed.
external image cnn_best_angle_time_lapse.jpg
This is slow because the planes don't have streaks behind them to show speed.
These picture are prolonged because they are fast scenes that are turned to move at a slower speed.