external image Main.jpg
This is my house door. I walked in when I got back from school on Friday of March 16.
external image PICT0282-737x447.jpg
These are the school office doors. I went in here on Saturday of March 17 to take a Mock AP English test.
external image chillis(4).jpg
This is where I ate out on Sunday March 18.
external image Bedroom-Door.jpg
This is the bedroom door to a guest room down stairs. I went to get items for school on Monday of March 19.
external image Closet-Doors.jpeg
These are the doors to a closet. This is where I pick my clothes out. This is on the last Monday of the week before Spring Break.
external image Main.jpg
I walked out of this door to go to school after I finished getting ready. I just want the last week to end quickly so I could take a break.
external image 140478_0_4-5551-contemporary-entry.jpg
The door straight ahead is my parent's. I went in there after school to check something. One day is over and there are four days left.
This is the car door of my Mom's lexus. I went in the car because we went out to shop and see a movie on Monday of March 19. She's off from work so we decided to hang out.