I will put four pictures that use line, tone, color, and the rule of thirds. They focus on the principles of design. They all enhance the center of interest.
external image kohphiphi-15.jpg

This picture shows the rule of thirds because it is split into nine boxes that all have a different viewpoint of the boat. I took a picture of over the weekend.
external image Sidewalk-front-house.jpg
I took a picture of the a house with lines leading through to the house.
external image sunset03.jpg
I took a picture of my parents walking at the La Jolla Beach. It was already sunset when I took the picture. The tone is sweet and happy.
external image kmg-630-color-veggies-630w.jpg
I took a picture of different vegetables while I was at the supermarket. All of them were a different color. The vegetables are the main objects in the picture.