external image work.778763.3.flat,550x550,075,f.green-bamboo-monochromatic-hue-series.jpg
This is monochromatic art because it shows one color and one value. The object is bamboo so the color is green.
external image TheSacredGame-web.gif
This is complememtary art because it shows opposite colors on the color wheel. It provides a high contrast.
external image Art120PaintingHQ.jpg
This is analogous art because it has three colors that are adjacent to each other. They also provide some contrast.
external image warrenstep8.jpg
This is warm color art because the object is close. It is in the sun.

external image vangogh.jpg
This is cool color art because it is found in snow or ice. It tends to recede in composition.
external image lightning_5_triad_fine_art_print-p228167918761181059v8r7y_152.jpg
This is triad because there are three colors that are equally spaced.
external image 08-05BevLsplitComplement.jpg
This is split complementary art because each color combination has one color plus the color on each side. It works with lots of contrast.
external image tinas-radial.jpg?w=293&h=300
This is double split complementary because there are two colors on each side of two. This equals to four colors.

Summary- These are very different art types. They are all in the same topic. They are types of color schemes. Every artist uses a different way. These are all the types described above with examples. They all have a certain style to them. This is helpful to show the difference. Its usefulness is very important. People can use what color scheme they prefer.